jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

Sun Shinin' Day

The sun is shinin' and its a warmin' up the day!
((its still freezing!))

Im getting more creative and its about time, the whole time I was here, I have been distracted by the computer and the tv and so I figured I should start changing my ways and using the time while Im here to learn some new things, and now that I have all this time to be creative, I better do it!

I have a stack of very good books that I'm trying to read all at the same time because each one is sooo good in its way. I love escaping for a little bit. The other night I transformed my room into a meditation haven and meditated a little bit, read a little bit and reconnected with myself, what I have been lacking on.

Fillin' my head with beautiful things!

Also I figure, new setting, new season, new look. So I chopped off all the unhealthy-ness of my 'surfer hair' (as my mother loves to call it) and added a touch of funkiness and I'm loving it! My hair now feels sooo healthy and ready to start growin'!!

I have been a little more strict on myself with the eating. When I arrived, I ate all the yummy foods I missed so much, my mothers cooking (!) and so much junk food, Dr. Pepper (which was one of my most missed things, not going to lie :) ), and eating ALL the time, so now I am cutting it down a bit and slooooowing down a bit.

One of her many amazing home-cooked meals, chicken & noodles!!

With most of the homecooked meals eaten, ( and literally under my belt ) and eating 'lighter' I have also added some daily yoga! Now that I have time to, its so enjoyable. So lots of H20, sleep, yoga, meditation time, reading, art....I am one happy/relaxed woman!

lets send peace to.....

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