martes, 2 de marzo de 2010

i love feeling this good. =)

This past weekend, i spent with my mom and my aunt Connie. We went up to Iowa City and did some shopping. I have the most fun with those two, we are so much alike and i love hearing stories from them and laughing with them all day. We found so many good shops and places to eat (and yummy things to drink! martinis!) It was a blast.
I realized how much I missed these two and I feel so good and blessed for this time I get to be spending with them. Two very amazing women. :)

Beautiful Sisters


Today I bought my ticket to go back to Playa and am looking forward to going back! What a life I had there, so many good people all around me, I miss all of them!! So i leave the 22nd of this month, and I know this time will just fly by so I need to start getting things together, and enjoying these last moments here before I fly back 'home'.

I sure will miss the sunsets here. And the food! and the greatest people inthe world!!


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