jueves, 18 de febrero de 2010

Buenos Dias y feliz 2 anos !!

Another cold morning, but another sunny day =)
Yesterday was verrrryy cold and i kept buddled up in my coat all day, even when i was inside the house :o)
I went with Connie and my mommy to pick up some things for Connies apartment, me and my mom have a knack for these things and we felt like extreme house makeover jejeje...

So now that I have my computer and everything Iam finally ready to start taking online classes! I havent been able to stop thinking about them since I found out about them. I never thought I would be this excited about school :p

Winter pictures!!

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  1. Hey Beautiful!
    You truly do have a knack for decorating!
    I love making your space, yours, ya know?! We're moving into a new apt soon..same building, but one of the other English teachers is moving out..and it's a bit bigger than ours, so..but I'm excited to have a change of space..and to re-decorate..I love dollar stores!! And they have 'em here in Korea! LOL! Those are the places to get the goodies!!!
    I love you and miss you so!
    Facebook your home addy..I have goodies I wanna send you..
    Do you still want to start a traveling notebook with me?

    Love all your pics from Mexico. Beauty!!!
    And your winter pics...
    I'm so ready for winter to be over with though..it's so cold here too!!

    Ps..You might have to change your settings on your blogs..if it doesn't let you comment...