viernes, 30 de abril de 2010

jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

Its almost that time again!!

.....for garage sales!!!
It has been 3 years since I have been here for the Fyre Lake/Sherrard garage sales and this year, they are on the same day and I am participating!!
I have gone through (almost) all of my things and have gotten rid of so much, although I would love to get rid of much more. It feels so good to simplify your life, as Mr. Thoreau has always given us the advice to do so, really does make you feel better.
I am so motivated now by my beautiful sister Abigail to become more organized, it just melts away the stress having things in order. I am already planning on how I am going to live life when I arrive in Costa Rica. This time here being home is just more time to meditate on my life, and the way I need to live it.
I have been really eating so much better, and don't feel my body craving so much of the 'bad stuff', junk food, pop, foods with lots of grease. I can't wait to have access to an open market to buy all the fresh fruits and veggies!
The thing with being here where Im at now (in Illinois) is that the grocery stores are a 10-15 minute car ride away. You never want to buy so much produce, because in a matter of days they can go bad, or the other way around, you only buy so much , and use it up right away.
No cars- this is another thing I can't wait for. Of course in San Jose, (the capital city of Costa Rica) will have cars/traffic but we will be close enough to everything that we can walk or even ride a bike everywhere (I LOVE THIS!!!)
My emotions are going crazy for how excited/stoked I am for this journey, and I'm loving looking back and realizing that I am always happy and excited for things that have happened/are going on/will happen in my life. It keeps me so positive.
I hope the weather your way is just as beautiful in its own way as it is here, today was so warm and even though it was a bit windy, the sun shines on you and you can just feel the warmth!! mmm!!!

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Woke up to SUCH a beautiful day!!!

sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

Sergent Garcia - tonight

Check this video out........

i feel something for this song

No te vayas, no me dejes tonight....

Tonight is my dad and Connies birthday party up at Molly's Pub. They got karaoke going on so you know ill be up there =D

Today was time to think about so much, people I miss being around, how good I feel now, leaving again so soon. My brother brought Waloah and Braxton over so I could see them. I sware they get taller and taller everytime I see them!

Life is so easy going right now, Im loving exactly where I am at.

jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I am now back in the U.S. of A =)
Good to be home with family, time to get organized for Costa Rica!!

Today I went with my mom and went to buy some flowers and plants. We picked a variety of colored-exotic looking flowers,and for veggies we picked peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
Its recommended this year to plant your own tomatoes, they will be very expensive this year!
I have never really gardened before, so I was more than stoked to get home and start. We only got a little bit done, but the ones we planted look very good :)....still so much more to do though.
It was kind of difficult for my to get over the digging the wholes part, I was so careful to try and not disturb the little bugs and worms in their homes, but its def. not an easy thing to do!

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to Iowa City with Mir and her mom to go to some cool shops there and to spend the days with our mommys before we go.

The countdown is at about 23 days now, and I have so much to do!

miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

So it has been raining here in Playa for 2 days now. We haven´t had any people at the bar, but I´m enjoying the peacefulness of it all. Everyone stuck inside while the rain pours down.
I bet the plants are loving this, a little break from the humid, hot air and the dry soil.
The sound is one of my favorite sounds. esp when its raining hard and you can watch the drop bounce off the ground and explode into a million tiny drops.
Then every now and then there is a flash of light, and you count your mississippis until you hear the thunder to see how far away it is (1 mississippi = 1 mile if you didnt remember ;) )
Today we drifted in and out of dreams the whole morning, then ate some mickey mouse pancakes with strawberry jam and syrup :) its been a long while since Ive eaten pancakes.
Then, as every rainy day tradition, we found a great Lifetime-type movie to watch. =)
and there were def. tear coming from my end. (whats a good lifetime movie without them?)
Now I found some perfect time to just sit in the silence and watch the rain and give thanks for this beautiful rainy day. I feel so alive =)

Miranda and I are starting to realize how close Costa Rica is and we are starting to hit the dificult parts. We are trying to let everything go smoothly and its getting down to the wire, I think its just so much excitement, and were ready to just go.
I cant wait for new culture, a new home, a new job, everything.

But in the meantime, I sure am enjoying Playa and the part of my life that is here.

viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

Disfrutando la vida del caribe...

This `vacation`is going by so fast but I am having the greatest time. I have my ticket for the 21st and am looking forward to getting back to the good ol` US of A. I miss my family tons and can´t wait to prepare for this next great adventure.
Words can´t express how anxious and excited I am to be going and to be going with my best friend at that, so much emotion I dont know what to do with it!
I have completely return to my ways how things were in Playa and as long as I am here, things will continue to be this way (eating whatever I want, whenever I want, as much as I want!), never exercising or taking time for yoga/self reflexion, too much laziness =) but, its ok, because here, and now im on `vacation` jejee.....
I am finishing a book right now, The Four Agreements and I had originally found the book here in Spanish, it seems its a common read for everyone here. It has some very good points, and a very good overview on how to live life in such a way to be happy, positive, and spread nothin`but love. a very good read, so very much recommended to all =)

Tonight to head to work, we have been very slow at the bar but hoping it will pick up very soon (like tonight) we could really use some cashflow right about now !

Que Dios los bendiga <3
May God be with you all

viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

It has been awhile since I have written anything, mostly due to not having a computer/internet.
There is so many thoughts I need to write down and get out, and dont have the slightest idea where to start...

I should probably mention that now I am currently in Playa again, visiting of course. I originally wanted to come for just 2 weeks, but on arrival, I was offered a job and to stay to work and help around a bar here where Lalo is working. Since I am way short on cash-ola, and didnt intend on finding a job at home, I have decided to stay until the 21st of this (April) month.
I am really enjoying the life here that Playa has always had to offer me, and enjoying being a bartender again and getting to be around Lalo a lot. I have been able to see most all of the people I have wanted to see here in Playa, but have been working a lot, just about everynight so its been kind of hard to go out or to do things.
A couple nights ago, while working, we were informed that our former roomate, (dikis) was put into jail for some reasons that are still trying to be uncovered and i wont mention anything that i am not 100% certain on. For the past two days we have all been under some serious stress figuring out money issues, if he will get out, if he will stay, what he did, etc. Since the system here in Mexico is so different, I am so confused about the money they are asking for and what it has to do with anything. Everything seems to set me or lalo off so easily and I just keep praying that we can keep our energies going and be as positive as possible throughout this whole thing.
Today I didnt know what to do so I went on the balcony, collected some positivity and let all this stress and unwanted feelings escape from my body. I am tired from feeling these feelings of stress, scared, betrayal, and shocked, and it doesnt have to be this way, I dont have to feel like this. I understand completely that I (we) have nothing to do with this, but it hurts when something this serious happens to someone who you happened to be ¨close¨with.
I know I will be away from here soon, back home then to Costa Rica where I will be dealing with a lot more things (and probably some stress) but I need to listen to my body , keep myself and my mind focused as much as possible. Its the only way to get through things.
I noticed when I was mediating/praying, that I could feel all the stress in the right side of my back, all the way down. I have felt this before, but this time I let it get so strong.
I am going to be positive and spread this to everyone around me.
In a few days, this will all pass, but for right now there are so many emotions flowing through these bodies, vibes in many different places, ways.

Let this go.....let it go.....