martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

Back in Playa...

Still in total relax mode after the unbelievable trip that ended yesterday, so much happened.
I saw so many things, felt so many things, met so many people and made some amazing memories. =)
I spent most of the trip with (now) good friend, Andrei who showed me some really amazing spots, waterfalls in the jungle, secret pyramids, the beaches of oaxaca, tlayudas, pulque (sp?), la sierra, and the city!
and that nothing is forever =)
I also had a life changing mushroom trip in Palenque, alone in the jungle. I wont go into any detail, as some might think Ive gone crazy, but in the end, i learned to much about myself, others, this world.
Now I am here until the 9th then I go back to Illinois where it is freezing. I have been thinking about not staying home for long, or coming back , or ??? I dont know whats going to come but I have some serious thinkin to do!!
more later, before i goooooooo

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