domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

I want to share this picture because I truly felt the magic in San Jose del Pacifico, and many people go there to expand their minds, embrace the magic, and a lot of times they go there to eat 'magic mushrooms'.
When I went, however, it wasn't the season for these, but nonetheless, I had a magical, unforgettable experience. So you can only imagine how surprised I was to see this picture and how it came out.....

if you look closely in the middle, in the lights reflexion, it resembles, 2 mushrooms, one inside the other.
magical =) i love it!!

So the snow doesn't stop and tonight it started around 4:00 and wont stop until tomorrow in the afternoon. I went to the store with my mom and Connie to stock up on food because we will most likely be stuck indoors all day long tomorrow!

I looooooove snow days where you can't do anything but sit inside around the warm fire and watch movies!! (starting to sound like how I'm passing all my days here ;) )
As much as I am dreaming of the beach, and a nice rave with good energy (i cant get this one out of my head :( ) its been nice being with the family and experiencing a little bit of winter.

The other night I finally got together with the 'ers. Mer Ber and Er. It was sooo good to have some laughs, catch up. No matter how different we are, when we get together, we just click again and leave right where we left off.

We started early at around 3:00 with some lunch and margaritas and a little mexican flavor. I dont mind, I can eat mexican food, listen to mexican music and speak spanish all day long, I will never stop lovin it ;) I might as well be part mexican now (awevo;))

I will update later on the inches we've received!!

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