martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

Snow covered, but the suns a shinin'

Sooo Valentines day was pretty hard being sooooo far away from my Valentine :(
Even though I got to talk to Lalo throughout the day, it was still really hard to not be with him on this day.
I never celebrated or thought of Valentines day as anything important, until I met Lalo.
2 years ago when I met Lalo (11th of February) and went out with him that first night, we were unseperable and on the 14th, he surprised me after work with candles and wine on the roof of his (our) old apartment. I have never had anyone do anything remotely close to anything like that. It was like a scene right from a movie!!
4 days later, we were 'official'.
A year later, Lalo surprised me with a sushi dinner onthe roof again, in the same spot, with candles, wine, and blankets to watch the stars.
So this year (2 years) and not being with him on Valentines day or our 2 years together has been really dificult.

Thank God I am blessed with my family and having this year to spend with them, and share soo much love with them.
Josh brought over Braxton and Waloah and I spent the day with them wrapped in my arms giving them all my lovin!!
I have missed them so much and cant believe the little people they are growing up to be. Braxton is so full of love and laughter and he makes it so contaigous. Waloah is my little girly girl :)
Coming back home and being apart of this again, has made the other part of me realize so many things.
Ive been able to hang out with Tyler, share music, talk and just hang out. He is such an amazing person.
I am so glad Connie is living here now, getting to talk to her and reconnect with her and my mom and finally being able to talk to my dad in person instead of emails here and there!
Tonight we (my dad & I) are going to a 'Ragin Cajun' dinner where my aunt works, lots of chefs making yummy cajun food =) mmmmmmmm......

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