jueves, 21 de enero de 2010

San Cristobal de las casas

So we made it here yesterday around 5 ish. It took us 5 hours in a van to get here.
The weather here is a bit colder than Palenque and the nights are soooo collddddd.
We are staying in this hostel called La Casa del gnomo (house of the gnome) and there are only about 3 rooms and 35 pesos each person a night, sooo cheap and sooo relax.
they people there are travelers like us, and all have very unique stories to tell.
I love the vibe these people have =) so relax and not worried at all, its such a good way to live.

We are leaving today in the afternoon for Mazunte, Oaxaca and I think its about 8 or so hours. Im so excited to get there and see Oaxaca, I really like it here, but Im soo anticipating something new ive never seen before :)

lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

Day 2 of this

Ive been so lazy and have nothing to report on because we havent done anything.
I have to see the ruins and the waterfalls before we leave, tomorrow i think.
Next stop, San Cristobal.....

domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

Palenque, Chiapas

So I finally made it to day one of this trip i have been talking/thinking so much about.
We arrived around 6:30 this morning, with really rainy wet weather and went to the first hostel, with no luck of any cabañas. So we went next door to a place called La Palapa and found a place there.
The cabañas are really neat and they all surround a pond in the middle.
I love the noises of the jungle. When we arrived, i fell right asleep to them, its so peaceful.
We woke back up around 1 and came to the center to get some food.
We are planning on going to the ruins, and looking for some honguitos along the way :)
lets see what pops up....

lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

Im a hobo woman

I have felt so good these past two weeks of my life. I have been so free to do whatever I feel like doing... and Im absolutely enjoying everyday of it.

what a beautiful monday this was.
This morning I woke up in Cancun and looked out to the laguna thats in the back of this building and i just think of everything that has happened over the past month and i cant believe any of it.
Its all just a dream, im bound to be waking up soon....
pancakes and somenew mexican food , coffee and juice to start it off
micheladas and jam session with good energies )) happy girl ((
But we just started rollin. And these next two weeks will be something so amazing and a wonderful to wrap up my time in mexico.

I have decided that I will leave the night of the 16th. The only (2) reasons I am waiting and holding off is 1) i will save some money just staying around here and 2) there is a reggae festival in un cenote on the 15th. i mean, i really dont have to say more.
I am going with (so far confirmed ;) ) 2 friends who were meant to take this trip with me. The universe has all pulled us into this trip and now its going to be an experience of a lifetime. and I know im going to learn so much from these beautiful boys.

:) I am officially a hobo, a drifter.
I like to call it `floating` around to wherever this tropical wind will take me until im off on a `plan`.
i love this lifestyle and could def get used to it, but im still trying to figure out the money part, jeje
everyday my eyes see something new.
i am understanding so much more.

Mir became so much closer to me this trip and i think something has changed in ourselves since the last time we saw each other, i felt like i understood her completely now, and connected with her more than i ever have before. its like it just clicked on full. hahaha

thank you for this wonderful, continuous feeling :)

jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

Beautiful Thursday Morning....

Miranda has left Mexico!!

It was official 2:30 today when she left :( We had the greatest week that topped all weeks !!!!
We went to Coba, Cancun, Wet & Wild, BPM, the beach, good restaurants.
So much happened, we met so many new beautiful people, saw so many new things, it was such a good way to keep this vacation going!!
So I have decided to go on my vaca on the 13th and leave for Palenque.
There is so much thats going to happen and I cant help but be EXCITED!!!
perfect, soooo perfect.... :)

i just keep on smilin´