sábado, 13 de febrero de 2010

Home is definately where the heart is...

So Im home!!!
and it feels soooo good :)
Being with my beautiful family laughing hours on end. Enjoying the company of my friends, remembering the good times, making new ones...
Today I got to see my neice and nephew and I cant believe how much they have grown up in the time i have been gone, its crazy.
I rearranged my room completely, i needed something fresh and new and needed to get rid of sooo many things in here. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Also, since ive been home ive been looking online for some online classes to take. I had no idea what I was looking for, or what my interests were. I started looking up 'environmental science' or 'environmental management' and requested some more information. 2 schools called me yesterday but when they showed me the curriculum, it didnt spark me at all as anything I would like to read about and do homework. :P So i kept looking and looking, thinking psychology might be something I would be interested in, but since it is a very intense major, there was about 2 years of pre-requisites, not interested.
So I finally (after looking up religious studies, spiritual studies, etc.) find exactly the perfect studies for me, metaphysical science. =)
Courses that were made just for me it seems. The whole course takes about 3-4 years for total completion, but differs from person to person, how fast you go through the courses. Bachelors, masters, and doctorate. And im more than stoked to get started.

Here is the first year (for bachelors degree) :

Bachelors Degree Curriculum:
140 credits

Consciousness I: 25 credits
CS101 Archetypes
CS102 Enneagram
CS103 Metaphysical Communication & Problem Solving Methods
CS104 Affirmations & Reprogramming
CS105 Shadow Work
CS106 Transforming Personality
CS107 Emotional Well-Being
CS108 First Causes-Core Issues
CS109 Inner Child Work For Adults
CS110 Anger Management

Metaphysical Health Studies I: 15 credits
HS102 Juicing, Fasting & Cleansing
HS102 Pranayama & The Art Of Breathing
HS103 Herbs & Natural Medicines

World Religions: 25 credits
WR101 Overview Of World Religions
WR102 Great Spiritual Teachers, Gurus & Yogis
WR103 Mystical Beginnings Of Christianity
WR104 Native American Traditions
WR105 Gods, Goddesses & Mythology
WR106 Wizards, Magical Creatures & Adepts
WR107 Witchcraft
WR108 Shamanism: Indigenous Worldviews

Meditation Skills: 15 credits
MS101 Overview Of Meditation
MS102 Hypnosis: Self & Others
MS103 Colors & Symbols
MS104 Unlocking Imagination
MS105 Mantras & Mudras

Intuitive Skills I: 25 credits
IT101 Chakras & Auras
IT102 Psychic Skills, ESP
IT103 Divination Systems
IT104 Channeling Skills I
IT105 Crystals & Gemstones
IT106 Astrology Basics
IT107 Phenomena
IT108 Connecting With Angels

Miscellaneous Courses I: 25 credits
DR100 Dreams & Dreaming
CM100 Course In Miracles
RC100 Reincarnation, Past/Future/Simultaneous
MF100 Manifesting Skills
EM100 Energy Of Money
CP100 Creative Project

super amazing, right ?? =)

the universe has amazing ways of bringing to you exactly what you are supposed to be given, and i feel so blessed. everything is just fitting together like a puzzle . I FEEL GREAT!!!

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  1. Hey Mamasita!
    Soo happy to hear you made it home & that you are in love with your moments there :)
    ..wish I were there though!! :):)

    I hope a part of Mexico stays with you..keep on making your jewelry, poi-ing and living with love and adventure each day!! :)

    I'm taking classes online, and it's so nice! I love it! It's hard work, but once you get a good system down, it flows nicely!

    I can see you going towards a degree in helping people or something to do with travel!

    I love you and am happy for you..prayin for you as always..