sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010

3 Days Left..

So the days are winding down and my time here in playa is getting shorter and shorter.
Im really going to miss Lalo and all my good friends Ive made here.
Im really anxious to see how my life is going to turn, what changes are coming up.

Due to the 2 weeks of my trip sleeping in some cheap places and hanging around lots of dreadlocks, I got lice!!! The last (and only) time I had lice was in 3rd grade. Just thinking about it gives me the chills :S. So today I spent 2 hours with lalo getting them out of my hair.
I had to cut my one dread out and the other wrap in my hair. It was a little hard for me to cut them out because they had become apart of me!! but now im fresh and clean and it was worth it :) haha the whole apartment got a full clean haha but no more lice !!

Tonight im going to help lalo out at the beer bucket them off for some beers with Ema, and hopefully Raquel and Pamela. A little get together with the girls before I leave here.
Tomorrow is the superbowl and lalo and i are going to help out my cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, helping with the decorations, and everything for the night so it will be fun =)

lets enjoy this to the fullest

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