miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

So it has been raining here in Playa for 2 days now. We haven´t had any people at the bar, but I´m enjoying the peacefulness of it all. Everyone stuck inside while the rain pours down.
I bet the plants are loving this, a little break from the humid, hot air and the dry soil.
The sound is one of my favorite sounds. esp when its raining hard and you can watch the drop bounce off the ground and explode into a million tiny drops.
Then every now and then there is a flash of light, and you count your mississippis until you hear the thunder to see how far away it is (1 mississippi = 1 mile if you didnt remember ;) )
Today we drifted in and out of dreams the whole morning, then ate some mickey mouse pancakes with strawberry jam and syrup :) its been a long while since Ive eaten pancakes.
Then, as every rainy day tradition, we found a great Lifetime-type movie to watch. =)
and there were def. tear coming from my end. (whats a good lifetime movie without them?)
Now I found some perfect time to just sit in the silence and watch the rain and give thanks for this beautiful rainy day. I feel so alive =)

Miranda and I are starting to realize how close Costa Rica is and we are starting to hit the dificult parts. We are trying to let everything go smoothly and its getting down to the wire, I think its just so much excitement, and were ready to just go.
I cant wait for new culture, a new home, a new job, everything.

But in the meantime, I sure am enjoying Playa and the part of my life that is here.

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