viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

Disfrutando la vida del caribe...

This `vacation`is going by so fast but I am having the greatest time. I have my ticket for the 21st and am looking forward to getting back to the good ol` US of A. I miss my family tons and can´t wait to prepare for this next great adventure.
Words can´t express how anxious and excited I am to be going and to be going with my best friend at that, so much emotion I dont know what to do with it!
I have completely return to my ways how things were in Playa and as long as I am here, things will continue to be this way (eating whatever I want, whenever I want, as much as I want!), never exercising or taking time for yoga/self reflexion, too much laziness =) but, its ok, because here, and now im on `vacation` jejee.....
I am finishing a book right now, The Four Agreements and I had originally found the book here in Spanish, it seems its a common read for everyone here. It has some very good points, and a very good overview on how to live life in such a way to be happy, positive, and spread nothin`but love. a very good read, so very much recommended to all =)

Tonight to head to work, we have been very slow at the bar but hoping it will pick up very soon (like tonight) we could really use some cashflow right about now !

Que Dios los bendiga <3
May God be with you all

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