lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Back to Positivity!

Today is a new day, as much as it was dreary, I felt good!

I can't believe how the weather can effect a mood, but I've totally told myself to stop getting in such a funk about how gloomy it is outside, it has nothing to do with your mood!
Your mind is such a funny thing and I have been filling my mind with so much information about how the mind works, controlling your mind (because you DO have the power to do so), and feeling good (becuase is there any other way, really??). I am trying so hard to fill my family and friends with my love and understanding and teach them how to control emotions, how to stay happy and I am always learning so much from so many experiences (here esp).
I feel so blessed to have been given a gift, of curiousity.
I wonder why other people don't question themselves about everything outside of this 'normal' life. and how when people look up to the beautiful, starry, night sky they dont question and wonder whats up there.
Recently I have been studying and watching videos and listening to lectures on the universe, space, and I find it so facinating, i cant get enough!
I hope that my mind continues to wander and hopefully I can meet some people around here with a more 'open' mind....that can relate to the craziness that is going on in my mind.

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  1. I love this! You are aware & a seeker, lovely sister! :)

    Watch this darlin --->

    I watched it like a month ago, and it filled me up with awe..of God, Jesus :)

    There's like 5 parts..Ya gotta watch 'em all, they gooood!! :):)

  2. Ps..Tell me if ya likey dis one!