jueves, 24 de diciembre de 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!!

...even though it doesnt feel anything like it!!
This is my 2nd year spending Christmas in Mexico and Im definately hoping my next Christmas will be a snowy one :0)
It just feels more like Christmas when its snowing outside and everything just feels so comfty and cozy inside your home, with the family cooking and music, and tons of food!!!
Here isnt bad at all, its just very different, with sunny hot days and not so much christmas spirit in the air.
I am going to Lalo and Santis house for dinner tonight, and they are having a few people over and everyone is going to join in to eat a huge stuffed turkey!! Iam going to make the mashed potatoes and gravy and were going to have some tasty wine and cheese afterwards, with some more friends stopping by then :)
The year is coming to an end so fast its crazy!! Miranda is coming in 5 days and i cant even imagine how that week is going to go....crazyyyyyyyyyyyy I hope jeje....
Off to finish some presents......:)

Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. My beautiful Sister,
    Merry Christmas to you!!!
    The spirit is not so much here eiether..it's been nice lately & there's no snow...
    but it's in our hearts, right!!??? Hehe!
    I love you so..and pray you have such a great holiday..We Americano's got down mashed potatoes!! Mmm sound so good..We're doing an Italian din for Christmas dinner tonight..
    in just a few hours actually..HmmmMMmm MM..So good

    Praise to the sweet Lord Jesus for coming to earth and dying for us!! :)

    I love you so!! I've been meaning to write you/email you..but our comp. has been down..

    When you get home, we will start a journal..and send it back and forth..

    Miss you!!