sábado, 19 de diciembre de 2009

From the sunniest part of my room!!

The sun was out a lot more a half hour ago but i got lost again on the internet and found a rave thats tonight, real close to here, so ive been trying to find out more info =)
Everyday that i am ready to go to the beach, its cloudy so i think im going to go no matter what tomorrow, rain or shine, your gonna get wet anyways, right?
Miranda comes in 10 days and i need to be out of here before that, so i have been trying to sort through clothes and decide what to give away, and what to take along with me. This has always been a process because the clothes i havent worn since i came here, i try them on and find a new found love and interest in it again and if not, ive decided to should take then home, with me. you know, you never know what i could make it in to , a bag perhaps, jeje.... but this time (after going through the pile 2 times) i ended up deciding to give away 7 things =) and most likely to paola.

Yesterday I was busy all day making tshirts and will def put up pics asap i think they turned out pretty well =)

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