martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009


Im in love with the way the universe works..!!

After 2 years here in Playa, I have made the decision to leave here and go back home to Illinois for awhile, until my next move. The decision came so suddenly from one day to the next, & it was like the decision was already made up for me, I was just following through.
My mind started to become blurry ( or rather, coming into focus ) with everything around me and after time, and my first temazcal, I made the decision to move out of my apartment that I was living with Lalo, Santi, Marcela, and Lalos cousin Pipo, and have a little getaway of my own. For my own thoughts, and ideas and space.
I think that is when my life and thoughts began to really shift. While arranging this small room to fit "me", I started to realize a lot about myself, that I never really realize before, or better yet paid any attention to because my mind was elsewhere...
Being without Lalo, and the life I had before was opening me up to so many different, thoughts, feelings, emotion and I didnt know ( still dont know ) what to do with it but I have never felt better, happier, more sure of the next step which is coming. I never thought I would ever say that I wanted, truely wanted to go back to Illinois, to Sherrard, to my parents home, with rules.
But here I am, with a few weeks left in Playa, then off to Chiapas & Oaxaca ( which I would explain my excitement about this but it cannot be done in words ) then returning back to Playa where I would then fly out from Cancun to arrive in Moline Intl Airport where there will be snow, weather and wind so cold your eyes water, and Taco Bell waiting just minutes away =)
I love that, this is ok with me!
Right now I will enjoy my time in this magical city of so many warm memories, and celebrate not working and MIRANDA COMING!
I am so blessed with everything that I have, my family and friends being healthy and happy , and I am doin so so good!

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